you have but slumbered here

these are pearls that were his eyes
I think at this point I don't have any flisters reading on LJ only? And several people I've been quietly following along with have disappeared here, too. Since I'm busy uprooting myself hither and thither right now, this seems like an appropriate time to officially close shop here as a journal rather than a commenting account.

I've gone through a lot here, and met kinder people than I deserve. My first major fandom experience was on Livejournal. I talked through sexuality, religion, philosophy, loss -- sometimes in discussion with others, sometimes guided patiently along, sometimes just shouting to have my thoughts take existence. The other day I read through some of my archives and marveled at how free I felt I could be with my words and images -- how even in midst of grief or upheaval I still counted myself and my brain tempests worthy of expending beautiful phrases and lengthy posts. And look at my silly tags and titles! They make me feel six kinds of sad-yearning-affectionate nostalgia; I wish I'd recorded all the journal names I've gone through.

I remember Chapter 4: Morose-Colored Glasses.
Chapter 5: The Hall of Mirrors is now over.

Over the next few days, I'll be cleaning most of the crossposts out of this journal, so that it'll remain an archive of the content originally posted here. If you've come back here after a long hiatus and would like to know where I've wandered off by now, please comment (screened, but I'll get email notifications) and I will leave you a metaphorical forwarding address.

In which a mostly-grown person gets het up over shipping:
Or should I say femslashed up?

So basically, Homestuck Shipping Olympics! There is a Dreamwidth backup too in case LJ is being wonky. I think I may have mentioned it before, but basically it is a friendly, multishippy, wank-free little fanwork festival that starts with August and ends with September -- two months, and the minimum requirement is only one fanwork of any kind and one vote-casting.

There are different groups for different ships, and the problem is that one needs at least five members to be official. I have been agitating meekly for a Jade/Kanaya team, but we only have two members (plus a provisional one who will join if two others do). So, O admittedly few or other-fandom followers, will you join me in Making This A Thing? Will you join me in writing about two of the coolest characters in Homestuck -- the one so often given the Manic Pixie Dream Girl treatment, the other so often straightwashed? Will you be my rarepair slashbuddies.

* Or, you know, other ladyships which need members Let's hear it for the ladies, let's hear it for the queers.

This would be like a really really tiny garage sale
-- except I don't have a garage.

For some reason, I have a lot of wallets. I don't know why this is. Maybe people just look at my face and go, "Oh hey, there's a person who totally loves wallets!!" In any case, I am currently in possession of FOUR WALLETS and two coin-pouches and seriously, guys, I am not rich enough to need multiple wallets. I could just stick with the coin-pouch if I didn't need something to hold my slowly increasing stack of ID cards and etc.

So I dunno, would anyone like to buy a wallet? I have a beige Liz Claiborne wallet (front/back/initial open/inside left/inside right), a brown and probably fake Louis Vuitton wallet (front/coin compartment/card slots), and a postcard-themed Domo-kun wallet from Taiwan (front/back/coin compartment/card slots*).

*there are three more card slots behind the ID-card display flap, mirroring the ones on the left

Emotional ephemera (tail end)
There's a starfruit in my pocket and a knife in my hand. I don't know why this should make me happy but it does.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
My mother brought me starfruit, winter clothes, and ramen crackers.

(And then we commiserated about her lousy employers, who are indeed extremely lousy. I suspect that they think she's stupid because she has a heavy accent.)

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